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Purchase A Lynndale Wood Heating System

Tired of paying HIGH fuel prices? See our Pay-for-itself Retail Price!

We have been busting high fuel prices with Big Savings since 1974.
Many of our furnaces have been saving money since the 1970ís - And Still Going!!!
A typical installation lasts over 20 years, many without a single service call!
Think of the savings you will realize in the next 20 years, and more.

If you are ready to buy Today, call (800) 468-1312 for additional discounts!

Mail & Fax Orders use This Form

 E-mail the Sales Department to put your system in production faster.

Shipping date from time of order will vary, depending on seasonal demand.
Call 800-468-1312 for an estimated shipping date.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Lynndale Wood Heating System.

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