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The Lynndale Wood Heating System is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

Agricultural ApplicationsCommercial Greenhouses and Poultry Houses are the most popular Agricultural Applications of the Lynndale Woodburning Furnace. Each of these uses has been tested and researched by a major university. Texas A&M University worked with Lynndale to determine the economic feasibility of heating hydroponic tomato houses with wood. Georgia Tech studied the Lynndale in a poultry application under a Department of Energy grant.

Commercial ApplicationsWarehouses, Factories and large Retail Showrooms are all examples of Commercial Buildings heated with the Lynndale System. Especially when your facility has several large overhead doors that are open frequently, heating with wood can reduce your heating costs substantially.

Industrial ApplicationsWood Products Manufacturers eliminate their waste products and reduce energy costs using the Industrial Lynndale Models. Furniture Factories, Truss Plants, and Cabinet Manufacturers are a few examples of this application. With the addition of the oil burner option, the Lynndale Industrial Models provide a clean burning system that has met or exceeded EPA and local regulatory requirements for air emissions in several states.

Residential ApplicationsResidential Homes of all sizes and descriptions are heated with the Lynndale Wood Heating System. Mobile Homes are also a good candidate for our woodburning furnaces. The Lynndale can work with existing ductwork, and your current furnace, or you can add a backup heat source to the Lynndale System. More ...

Rural Schools ApplicationRural Schools and Gymnasiums can dramatically reduce their heating costs by installing a Lynndale Wood Heating System. Numerous rural school districts in Arkansas have been heating their buildings and gymnasiums since the late-1970ís. More ...

View and Print our Web Brochure for additional details on the Classic Lynndale Wood Heating System.


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