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Product Applications - Industrial Buildings

Manufacturers that produce large quantities of wood waste are the most frequent industrial application of the Lynndale Wood Heating System. In many instances, the reduced cost of waste removal plus the savings on fuel costs provide a payback of less than two years.

Truss plants, like the one shown at the right, are typical Industrial applications. Large open spaces are hard to heat and overhead doors are open much of the time during operating hours.
In most instances, the Lynndale is placed outside the building and heated air is transferred into the building using conventional duct work or fan jets.

In the installation shown to the left, a main trunkline is used to move heated air the length of the building and small round pipe places air in specific locations.
This type of air delivery system is most often used when maintaining constant temperature is critical.

Occasionally, the furnace is located inside the work area. This type of installation is not recommended in most waste wood disposal applications.

Placing the Lynndale System in a separate building, as shown left, is the preferred installation method.

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