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Product Applications - Agricultural Buildings
Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial Greenhouses, like the one shown here in North Arkansas, are costly to heat with conventional fuels. As fuel costs rise, profits can be dramatically reduced in the winter months. Heating your greenhouse with a Lynndale System is the best way to beat the high cost of heating.
The study which Lynndale conducted with Texas A&M in the 1970ís showed that wood heating with a Lynndale is an excellent means of reducing fuel costs in greenhouses.
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The Brooder Houses shown here are typical of the most popular poultry application of the Lynndale System. More ...
In the research project funded by the US Dept. of Energy and administered by the Georgia Tech Engineering Experimental Station, mortality rates declined and growth rates improved in the Lynndale house heated with wood, as compared to an identical house next to it that was heated with propane gas.

Poultry Brooder Houses

See our Commercial Greenhouse and Poultry pages for additional details on these applications.

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