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 About Us -  Lynndale Manufacturing, Inc.

The Lynndale wood furnace was designed by Lee Daniel in 1974, in response to customers requesting an efficient way to heat their homes with wood. His use of modern controls proved to be so unique, the system received the first patent on a woodburning device in several decades. The product has proved to be so durable, many of the furnaces built in the 1970's are still in use today. Since the first unit was installed in Northwest Arkansas, thousands have been purchased across the nation to heat homes, schools, factories, commercial buildings and agricultural structures such as poultry houses and greenhouses. The Lynndale has become synonymous with efficient wood heating

Compare Our Prices By The Pound!

The Lynndale System is seldom the lowest priced product on the market. But when you compare the specifications of the Lynndale to our competitors, you will often find that we are the best buy in terms of dollars per pound of shipping weight. We build them strong and tough, to last for years and years.

So check out our specifications and prices, compared to other wood furnaces. We think you will be pleased with what you find. Then place your order for a Lynndale!


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