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The Lynndale Wood Heating System has long been famous for building a furnace that lasts for years and years. Many of the sytems built in the 1970s are still in service today.

One of our oldest and best customers is the State of Vermont, Highway Department. They have been heating numerous Maintenance Garages with Lynndale Industrial systems since the mid-1970s. In the late-1990s, they began to replace the original units with new Lynndales, typically about five replacements each year.

Heres what a few of our customers say about the Lynndale:

Hinkle Heating & Air - Mountain View, AR
Ive had my Lynndale for 21 years. I recently replaced the door gasket, and that was the first service it needed in all those years. The furnace is still in good shape.

Eugene Bell - Osage, AR
I have heated my home with the Lynndale Woodburning Furnace for 14 years and have had only one control replaced. It is now ready for many more years of service.

Edmond Burk - Lurton, AR
For over 20 years, I have been heating my home and my manufacturing plant with Lynndale furnaces. Both are still working great. We have only replaces minor controls since they were purchased.

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