Pebble's Friends Remember

Toni & Stack Remember Her Life & Music

I Found My Rainbow!Pebble lived in Nashville for over 25 years, performing her music and sharing her love for life with many. When she left this life we were saddened, but her music is still with us to enjoy on her Memorial CD.
We felt especially blessed to be able to hear her singing as we assembled this project. It brought us closer to her memory and hope that it does the same for you. Pebble Daniel sang her way into our hearts........ We'll miss you Peb.
Toni & Stack

Toni Sehulster and Jack Stackatrack Grochmal are the two primarily responsible for the assembly and production of this Special Collection CD. We thank them for their labor of love. And you Must check out Stack’s Latest Tribute to Pebble.

We would also like to thank these other friends of Pebble who contributed to the CD project:

Rick Martin, Frank Sheen, David Wright, Julie Gile Black, Joanne Gardner, Vince Gill, Kitty Cook, Jay Patten, Terry Cline, Billy West, Don Everly, Bob White, Barbra Thompson, Ardie Sehulster, Diane Craig Lantz, Luanne Price Howard, Sally McLaughlin, Dane Bryant, Jean Sutton, Roger Cook, Dwight Scott, Pat McLaughlin, Paul Wohrman, Denise Peed, Melanie Clark, Mary Roberts, Robin Beresford, Rick Durrett, and

Especially, thanks to Lee and Donna Daniel for giving us Pebble.

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